2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Finding the right gift for your significant other can be hard. My husband is very specific so it’s especially hard to find the right present for him. I’ve known the man nearly 10 years now and I still have trouble figuring out what he would like. This is why I have compiled a list of my go-to ideas in hopes that in turn, you will get ideas. Or heck, order the items from my list! He might enjoy them.

My Favorite Holiday Movie Playlist

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. It’s a pasttime that I developed as a child when my mom would take me every weekend to rent 3 movies at Blockbuster Videos (am I dating myself?). And as the temperatures get cooler and the days become shorter, there is nothing like snuggling up on the sofa under a furry blanket while sipping some hot chocolate (or eating popcorn) and enjoying a good holiday movie. This is why I’m sharing a few of my favorite holiday movies with you!

Customize Your Invitations for Birthdays, Holidays and Events

As you know, we recently had a Friendsgiving party at our new home and we’re currently considering if we should have a holiday party closer to Christmas. After all, gathering together for food and drinks is what makes the holiday season so special. And what better way to set the tone to your party with the perfect invitation? So when Basic Invite contacted me about reviewing their stationery, my response was obviously and enthusiastic “whenwherehow???”

The Best Chloé Sunglasses Dupe

I wanted to get the Chloe Carlina Round Wire Metal Sunglasses last spring but I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on them. Especially with us being in the process of building our first home, plus our trip to the Philippines in the summer, I wanted to keep big purchases to a minimum. And with the summer ending, I did not think that new sunglasses were in the horizon for me. That is, until I spotted these most perfect Chloe Sunglasses Dupe on Amazon.

Friendsgiving: Hosting Our First Dinner Party

We’ve been living in our new home for a few months now and it’s finally starting to come together. Even though the house is not ready, we decided to take advantage of the holiday season and invite our friends for our first dinner party. I’ve come to accept that the house will always be a work in progress and it should never be a hindrance to hosting Friendsgiving for our loved ones to enjoy delicious food!

My Holiday Table Setting

I have to admit, I’m not the best at decorating. My tendency is to do little so when I try to do more, I end up doing WAY too much. Even in my college art classes, my attempts at drawing exaggerated limbs lacked… exaggeration. So when minimalist decor started trending a few years ago, I knew that I would design my home in this way. Suffice it to say that this minimalist philosophy also applies to my holiday table setting.

Gingham Style with Vici Collection

Gingham is one of those fabrics that you instantly associate with spring or summer. It's lightweight so it's no wonder that as the temperature starts to warm up, the fabric starts showing up in stores. This year, there are so many gingham options to choose from--from shirts to pants to dresses. 

Review: My West Elm Dressing Table

I've had the same Ikea dressing table since 2011 when everyone was raving about it. It has served me well but my taste has changed since then and it definitely won't match the theme of my new dressing room/office at the new house. Even though this was not a priority, I still browsed around online to see what kind of desks would be available to me once I'm ready to buy one. I fell in love with one from Anthropologie but knew immediately that it was out of my price range. By a lot. So I kept looking. 

My Tailored Jumpsuit from AQAQ

If someone were to ask you what size you were, you'd probably be able to name your size (or sizes, depending on a particular brand). We get caught up in sizes that we often forget that it's more important to pay attention to the fit rather than the number on the tag. That's why when I was looking for a jumpsuit to wear to my wedding reception three years ago, I only had 3 requirements: it must be blush, it must be wide-legged and it must have a plunging neckline. 

Unboxing: Vici Collection + Miracle Miles

I was so excited to unbox my purchases from Vici Collection and Miracle Miles! I ordered from both stores on a holiday weekend and they both arrived 4 days later. And let me tell you, I had to try to forget they had arrived until I was able to open the packages on camera with you guys. Come see what I bought and watch me try them on!

Review: My West Elm Mirror

I had been needing a full length mirror for years now but never found one that I liked. It didn't help that we had lived in 3 different apartments over the last 7 years so I was not willing to commit to such a huge purchase knowing that I would probably change my color scheme at some point. That's why when we decided to buy our first home and I figured out the theme of my dressing room, it was easier to commit to a mirror. 

Need a Hanky? Try a Handkerchief Hem!

Do you know what a handkerchief dress or skirt is? It's dress or skirt that has an asymmetrical hem with several corners. Imagine a square handkerchief, pick it up in the center and that's what this hem looks like.  Up until last year, I had associated this hemline with ballroom dancers and figure skaters. And why not? the corners or points of the dress help to create a lot of movement. If you're someone who likes to twirl in dresses, this hemline is definitely for you!

Shopping at the San Marcos Outlet Mall

On our way home from our trip to Austin, we decided to go to the Tanger and Premium outlet malls in San Marcos. It's quite a big outlet mall and it's on the way so we always check out what they have whenever we're coming home from Austin. Though outlet shopping is mostly a miss for me (actually, shopping in person anywhere is mostly a miss for me), I still enjoy being outside and walking around. 

Giveaway + Review: My Jord Watch

I previously wrote about my penchant for watches so this is why I'm excited to be sharing with you a watch company called Jord. Jord is a company that specializes in watches with wooden bands. This unique feature along with their interesting designs make their watch stand out. They have designs varying from traditional to sleeker silhouettes.

Fashion Forward: Pippa & Pearl

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me mention that I love supporting local and small businesses. Not only is it good for your local economy and helps in creating a sense of community within your area, it also helps foster diverse styles. I may be old fashioned but having everyone shop at the same 3 or 4 stores is a little... 1984 to me. 

This is why I am so excited to be sharing with you a brand called Pippa & Pearl.

Our Weekend Trip to Austin

Our last vacation was last summer when we went to Kansas City and a few weeks before that, we went to Belfast, London and Paris so we were itching to do some traveling. Last month, I pitched the idea of going to Austin for the weekend during spring break to my husband and as usual, he was up for the idea. 

The Catalina Weekender Bag

We did quite a bit of traveling in 2017. We started the year off with a 3 country trip to Vietnam, Thailand and Japan in January and then another trip in the summer that took us to Belfast, London and Paris. A few weeks later, we also left for a week long trip to Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, KS. Given all this, it was no surprise that my Dakine bag, which I'd been using as my carry on/weekender bag since 2011, finally died on me.

My Watch? The Horse, of Course!

remember when my parents bought me a watch in the first grade. I had the time right in the palm of my hands (or my left wrist, anyway). I felt so grown up! Granted, it was a digital watch but by the time I was in the third grade, I was rocking my grown up Mickey Mouse watch with his arms as the minute and hour hands in elementary school. SO. STYLISH. LOL