Product Review - EyeLuv.Me Lashes

Product Review - EyeLuv.Me Lashes

Unlike some of my friends, I wasn't blessed with long, fluttery eyelashes. Luckily for me, there is such a thing as false eyelashes. I use false eyelashes to help make my make-up look complete. However, at $14 t0 $20  a pair, this can get costly. Even when using the Ardell lashes which can retail from $4 to $6, it's like watching my money go down the drain. Enter EyeLuv.Me--a company who makes quality lashes for only $1.96 a pair!

Our products are manufactured with “Superlative Quality,” super easy to apply, and so comfortable, that they will look and feel like your own. Each Lash is prepared by hand and sterilized; which are comparable, if not similar, to well known brands (you know who they are); but with one difference, our prices are to die for!

Check out some of their lashes below and see how they compare to lashes from more well-known brands:

ELM's Taylor Lashes are a good dupe for MAC's 35 lashes


Try ELM's California lashes if you love the number 43s from MAC


If you want the MAC #2 lashes for a good price, ELM gives you Hope 


Switch your MAC #8 lashes with ELM's Loren


The Margaux lashes from ELM comes very close to MAC's #33 lashes


Try these singles for your bottom lashes


And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always customize your lashes by stacking two or three together. The best part is Eye Luv Me has incorporated this into their packaging, allowing you to preview what these lashes could look like without taking them out from the plastic holders:

And if that's not enough, EyeLuv.Me always has a deal on their website allowing you to get 6 sets of eyelashes for only $9.99 for even more savings! If you're not convinced, watch me ramble on about my love for this company on my youtube:

See you later!

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