This Week's Beauty Call 9-4-2015

This Week's Beauty Call 9-4-2015

Boy, has it been a long week! Things have been so hectic since we’re getting ready to move to a new apartment. Our place looks like a box monster exploded. We move in exactly two weeks but we wanted to get started on packing early. Anyway, it’s been so busy, I haven’t had much time to do much of anything else. Luckily, I was able to wrangle up some stuff for this week’s Beauty Call.


Urban Decay Holiday 2015 Collection


Urban Decay’s Holiday 2015 Collection will be released later this month and Temptalia is giving us a sneak peak of it. Check out their post for details on the new Vice 4 Palette ($60) and the Urban Spectrum Palette ($55). Both palettes look good but if I had to pick, I would probably buy the Spectrum. Those greens and blues look amazing!

The Popover from Banana Republic


I own too many things from Banana Republic. Actually, scratch that. I don’t own enough! As with Pokemon, I gotta catch ‘em all! Especially since Marissa Webb has taken over as creative director for the company, their styles have gotten edgier and cooler. I saw this look in an e-mail from Banana Republic and I immediately wanted to get it. I’m not a fan of matching so I love when there’s a pop of color. Yellow is a risky color though so I’d probably go with an orange. However, I’m convinced that there is a perfect shade of yellow for me and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find it…maybe Pikachu yellow might work. 

The New Greige by Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown has released a new collection of neutrals called The Greige Collection. In this collection is a limited edition powder liner collection. There are three different palettes called Black, Forest and Midnight and they are all to die for! I typically lean towards using shadows as liner since I prefer to have a diffused line over a hard edge for the most part so this is exactly what the doctor ordered! Each palette retails at $36. Pixiwoo offers a great review along with swatches so head on over to go see what I’m talking about!

Opal Hair by Aura Friedman


I saw this on my Facebook feed the other day and it said that opal hair is the latest hair trend. I haven’t really seen much of it and a quick look at the #opalhair hashtag on Instagram didn’t really yield me very results... so maybe not so trendy yet. However, this one picture caught my eye and I’ve been obsessing about it ever since. It reminds me of cotton candy and unicorns! If I were 16 and didn’t have to be a grown-up, I’d probably rock this do all day long. Luckily, the artist responsible for this look, Aura Friedman, acknowledges the challenges with fantasy hair color and uses wigs to create them—another reason to love wigs! Read more about this look on Mane Addicts.

Chrissy Teigen on the MTV VMAs

Congrats to my bear face on his first VMA! Finally a moon man on the shelf! Feeling pretty young and hip this morning

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Ok, ok—I know Chrissy Teigen was on last week’s beauty call but she’s my new current obsession. Did anyone catch her on the MTV VMAs last week? (Side note: am I outside of MTV’s demographic? It feels like only last year when I was in middle school watching Real World: Miami marathons on lazy weekend afternoons). Chrissy’s make-up was done by the amazing Mary Philipps, who also does J. Lo’s make-up, fyi. And that dress! I can’t. I just can’t. Just admire her below.


Product Review - EyeLuv.Me Lashes

Product Review - EyeLuv.Me Lashes

Try It Thursday, 9-2-2015

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